I Live My Life Out Loud—Because I Deserve it!


I tell my story to inspire others to speak their truth. I don’t allow my past to define. Let  me say that again, my past WILL NOT define me.  I don’t live in shame or guilt. Yes, shitty things have happened to me, but I refuse to live there. I am NOT my past. I acknowledge all parts me—good and bad. I live in a space being, because I deserve it.

I Love every facet of myself regardless of who doesn’t.

I live out loud because I deserve happiness. I no longer hide behind my pain. I speak my truth, no matter who doesn’t like it.  I allow myself to make mistakes. I welcome the sensations in my body and nurture myself through my tenderness.  I stand alone with my reflection and honor myself, no matter how others may see me.   I matter.  I wear my worthiness proudly, I AM somebody!

Do you have a story of resiliency to share?  Drop me a line I would love to hear from you.  Please visit my blog, Thrive, for inspiring stories and self-love tips.

With Love,




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