I Live My Life Out Loud—Because I Can!


I do not allow my past to define. Let  me say that again, my past WILL NOT define me. Yes, shitty things have happened to me in life, but I decided not to live there. My body, mind and spirit reminded me (daily) that my bliss was not there. So, I did something about it—I committed to living my life out loud. “Living out loud” means, loving and respecting my self, and more importantly my journey. It means living by design.


I love every facet of me, regardless of who doesn’t.


I made the decision to live and love for me. Not because I needed to impress someone or wanted to be liked.  My journey, no longer was about being the smartest, it became a path of allowing myself to make mistakes, and being okay with it. I learned to stand alone with my reflection and honor myself, no matter how I saw myself, I loved on me. I remained gracious with myself until I could confidently say, I am somebody.

Now, I spend my days enjoying the wonders of the world. I share my adventures in my blog, Thrive. I hope that you will join me there. Do you have a story of resiliency to share?  Drop me a line I would love to help you celebrate your joy!



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